The Mags review The Struggle

Journalists from Cycling Weekly and Cycling Plus ditch their desks for a press pass around The Struggle route. But how do they fare against our killer climbs?

The Struggle in Cycling Weekly

Cycling Weekly

Upon return from their reccy Cycling Weekly tweet “…could taste blood in my mouth up Park Rash.” En route, Cycling Weekly experience typically unpredictable conditions, all four seasons and heavy blizzards at the top of Greenhow.

“Park Rash left us yearning for a triple chainset,” they write. “Thanks to the torturous climbs and breathtaking scenery The Struggle is becoming one of the sportive season’s classic hardman rides.”

The Struggle in Cycling Plus

Cycling Plus

If The Struggle isn’t hard enough, Cycling Plus decide to complete the route on £250 road bikes to see which would break first, the riders or the bikes. The stunning photography by our event photographer Russ Ellis is enough to distract the readers’ eyes from the riders’ pain faces.

“Challenging Climbs, sweet descents and a low-traffic route makes it one of the best events in the UK,” they write.

Pick up your copy of January Cycling Plus or this week’s Cycling Weekly (8th Dec 2016) to read their full review. On news stands now!


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