Pro Annie Simpson: Why Mallorca makes the best training camp

Our OTE Training Camp nutritionist Annie Simpson heads to Mallorca ahead of our camp with her UCI Pro team Drops to discover why a training camp in Mallorca is perfect for day-in-day-out riding.

Mallorca Training Camp

This time last week I was climbing in a lined-out formation with my new teammates up The Orient climb in Mallorca. Belgian National TT Champion Anne Sophie Duyck set an uncomfortable pace as we weaved our way up the hairpins. It was nice to feel the sun on my back again after what has felt like a long, cold winter in the UK.

Drills and Pacing

Training camps are all about training overload; a solid block of riding. As a location for a pre-season training camp, Mallorca had it all to offer.  Mallorca allowed the Drops team to clock up miles and miles of varied riding over six days. From leadout drills on the flat grounds to five hours of well-paced mountain riding. Mallorca’s smooth, quiet roads make the hours in the saddle fly by.

Annie Simpson at Mallorca Training OTE camp

In the Hurt Locker

There’s something about the roads of Mallorca that lends itself so perfectly to cycling. You can either put yourself in the hurt locker in the mountains or you can sit down and enjoy the ride while taking in the view.

For me the highlight was the descent off the top of Puig Major down into Puerto Soller. It is one of those descents where you have this overwhelming sensation to grin like a Cheshire Cat. The views take your breath away. It’s moments like that I’m grateful I am a bike rider.

No Distractions

It is the ability to string together consecutive days of quality training that makes a training camp so effective and a lot of this is down to a no-stress, no-fuss environment – unlike back home in the UK.

Like any proper training camp it was all about returning to hotel, refuelling and getting our feet up. Recovery is just as important as the riding when it comes to getting the most out of a training camp.  Training camps also help take the thinking and organisation out of everything, allowing you to focus on pushing those pedals.

This solid block has set me up nicely for the cobbled Classics season that kicks off for me on 25th February with Het Nieuwsblad. I will get my first few big races under my belt before heading back out to Mallorca for another block of quality training on the OTE Training Camp and I already can’t wait.

Join Annie and the team in Mallorca on 17th – 24th March. Find out more and book now.


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