What to do in Harrogate the day before?

If you’re heading to our Struggle Express Sign-on make the most of your day with our insider tips on what to do in Harrogate the day before the Sportive. 

Drink Coffee

At Struggle HQ we love our coffee and in our opinion the best place for a brew in Harrogate is Hoxton North. What’s more, this trendy brunch bar does an awesome bacon, eggs and avocado on sourdough.


By shopping we mean bike shopping of course – or at least drooling over your dream machine. You’re in luck; Harrogate isn’t short of classy bike shops.

Express sign on is held at Chevin Cycles where you can check out the latest top-end Treks. What’s more you’ll find a £10 voucher in your rider pack if you spend £50.

Over at Prologue Performance Cycling you can grab a coffee and cake while staring at the Cervelo’s and Enve wheels adorning the walls. There’s also a Specialised Concept Store showcasing the brand’s latest road and MTB steeds.


From Jamie’s to Nandos, we’ve got every chain restaurant you can imagine – all jostling for attention along a few nearby streets.

But what makes Harrogate so special is it’s wealth of long-established local independents. For lunch we’d recommend Hoxton North’s brunch menu or Cafe Marconi’s authentic homemade pizza.

For dinner book a table at Brio’s Italian for a wholesome bowl full of pasta or Cafe Marconi. You can also take advantage of the door-to-door Italian restaurant brands lining Albert Street such as Pizza Express, Prezzo, Ask and Zizi’s.


Although we’re not big drinkers at Struggle HQ we do enjoy a post-ride shandy at one of Harrogate’s many bars and craft ale pubs. Settle your pre-Struggle nerves with a pint at 10 Devonshire Place or North Bar or enjoy a cool Pacifico in the West Park Hotel.


If you are following our tapering guide you’ll go for a leg loosener the day before. We’re lucky that within minutes of leaving Harrogate we’re out in the North Yorkshire countryside. Our usual glass-crank ride is known as the Penny Pot loop taking in the reservoir.


What’s most important is that you rest your legs, fuel and hydrate your body and prepare your mind. Secure your number and top tube sticker on your bike; lay out your kit, nutrition, tools and spares; fill your water bottles and pop them in the fridge; charge your Garmin; go to bed early.

See you on the start line!


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