How hard is Glaisdale Horror?

Glaisdale Horror (aka Caper Hill on Strava) is an elusive hill concealed in the heather-clad North Yorkshire Moors. But once you’ve unearthed it, by jove you’ll know it. Discover more about this tasty climb and how to conquer it here…

glaisdale horror Yorkshire sportive


Glaisdale Horror (Caper Hill) is 0.8 miles long with an elevation gain of 608ft, an average gradient of 14% and it’s steepest section is around 25%.

The Horror is the 85 mile marker on Struggle The Moors sportive, which takes place on Sunday 9th July from Ampleforth.

While traffic comes in and out of Glaisdale via the gentle ascent over the Moor, we exit the village via the unnervingly flat path running along the foot of the climb, until there’s nowhere else to go other than straight up and over.

Glaisdale Horror Struggle Moor sportive Yorkshire


There’s no wide hairpins to shortcut the climb’s steep gradient. The Glaisdale Horror (Caper Hill) shoots straight up from the foot of the valley to the top of the Moors.

To quote Simon Warren, the author of 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs: “Caper Hill… unrelenting in its gradient and undeviating in its direction.”

The steepest section of the climb is nearer the bottom slopes. Once you’ve hit the cattle grid you know the toughest section is complete. But it doesn’t end there…


With Glaisdale Horror (Caper Hill) being so straight, you’re aiming for the brow of the hill that never comes. With every horizon met comes another crest in the distance… until finally you catch sight of a triangular road sign which marks the climb’s summit.


A positive of this North Yorkshire Moors climb; it’s seldom used by cars so riders negotiate little traffic. That said, this quiet road is therefore not well maintained. The surface has loose gravel, making traction tough and overgrown sections in the middle of the road will leave you wishing for a cyclocross bike.

How to conquer Glaisdale Horror (Caper Hill)

Although steep and narrow, the climb is definitely doable. Struggle’s Victoria accomplished it with a 34 x 28 while Matt managed to grind up it on a 39 x 25. With little traffic to worry about, the climb can be taken at your ‘leisure’. All that’s required is sensible pacing, gritted teeth and self-belief.

Enter Struggle The Moors sportive on Sunday 9th July from Ampleforth.


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