Struggle’s 10 Ways to Reclaim your Mojo this October

Without an autumn of social spins and cafe runs you could find yourself hitting the all-important winter months exhausted, with no mojo and little get up and go! Here’s how we max-out our October and prepare our minds for winter training. 

We visited friends in West Yorkshire to enjoy new roads and different coffee haunts. Bloc Cafe in Holmforth.

1. Go Cafe Hunting

Spotted a trendy new coffee bar on Instagram? Heard about a far-off cafe serving up the best breakfast butties? October is the time to start expanding your cafe-stop menu, which will allow you to reccy some new routes to ignite your excitement for winter training rides.

We love the camaraderie of cycling clubs at our events.

2. Ride the Club Run

Has your training regime had you riding solo more often than you’d have liked this year? October is the time to socialise on the bike. Hook up with old friends or rock up to the local club run. Riding with a club is a great way to get inspired by other people’s plans for 2018 or rope in training pals with a similar training focus for the coming year.

Struggle Sportive kit
Struggle’s Matt browsing Paria kit at Commute Cycling Cafe, Ilkley.

3. Get New Kit

Whether it’s a new winter jacket or just a pair of fresh overshoes. A new kit purchase gets you out the house feeling invigorated as well as allowing you to play around with your kit combos for the coming winter months. Watch out for our 2018 Struggle Kit coming soon.

Struggle’s Victoria plans trips based on bucket-list climbs. Here she is cresting Holme Moss. She loved it so much she went back down and did it again.

4. Go Touring

Touring can be as simple as picking a B & B or YHA, riding to it, then riding home the next day. Whether it’s a ride to the seaside or a loop to the Lake District, the thrill of the adventure on and A to B ride frees you from the ties of a strict training plan. Touring is also a great way to explore outside the radius of your usual Sunday loop and cram some solid mileage into two days.

Our Training Camp riders enjoying the long sweeping descents of Mallorca.

5. Book a Holiday

Plan your next Vit-D hit and book now. Mojo Reclaimed! At Struggle HQ we’re already excited for our OTE Training Camp in Mallorca. It’s our favourite week of the year! We’ll be catching up with all the riders who have rebooked since last year and meeting plenty of new faces who have signed up; all the while riding our bikes on the paradise island for cycling. You can find out more about the training camp at

Struggle’s Matt demonstrating his super-speedy cadence to Cycling Weekly.

6. Test out Training Tools

Test out some new training sessions to incorporate into your winter plan. Our favourite at Struggle HQ is this Cadence Steps session. If you’ve always fancied joining the virtual training world, October is the time to plug in to one of the many popular virtual training tools out there such as Zwift, Trainer Road, SufferFest and more. It’s not for everyone but there’s no harm in having a go this October.

Craig Stevenson's top turbo sportive training session
Book a block of Altitude Training Sessions at

7. Take a Class

At Struggle HQ we like to incorporate a weekly visit to the OTE Altitude Chamber into our winter training regime. It’s a great way to keep on top of your top end. Why not try a local Watt Bike session or spin class and see if this is something you may want to transcend into your winter training.

We like to finish off a day on our Mallorca Training Camp with a massage in the Hotel Spa pictured here.

8. Get a Massage

Indulge in an hour on the table to release tight muscles or work on recurring niggles that have flared up over the summer. A massage is a great way to reboot your body and mind before winter training begins.

Lunges, leg press, dead lifts, squats, press ups and sit ups are all part of our gym arsenal.

9. Hit the Gym

Hit the deck and give us 20 because a strong body equals a strong mind. October is the perfect time to reunite yourself with those sweat-smeared mats to build core body strength leading up to your winter training block.

Yorkshire reliability rides
Hateful Eight Yorkshire Reliability Ride series begins with Struggle’s Reliability Ride. 2018 dates coming soon.

10. Set Goals

Thousands of riders have pre-registered for a Struggle Event in 2018, which shows people are already setting their goals for the new year. But all athletes should understand the importance of small incremental goals. Whether it’s a local reliability ride (Yorkshire’s Hateful Eight dates coming soon), a promise to hit the gym once a week until Christmas or riding to work to rack up some base miles; small goals help keep focused in the off season.

Need a goal to get focused for? Pre-register for a 2018 Struggle here.


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