12 Reasons to Ride a Struggle sportive

While we’re prepping our new website (that’s right we have a new website launching soon with a simple-to-use entry system), designing our 2018 kit (looking cool… watch this space) and sourcing some shiny bling (you heard it here first; finishers medals for 2018 riders) we thought we’d also busy ourselves by putting together this little list of reasons why we think you need to ride a Struggle Event in 2018.

1.  PR those Bucket-list Climbs

Woven into our flawless parcours are some of the UK’s must-ride cycling climbs. Whether you’re a local to the icons of Yorkshire’s shark-tooth terrain or venturing into new waters to tackle these ferocious monsters, there’s no better feeling than ticking off these tasty hills as you progress over the 100+ miles and getting home to find a string of PRs on your Strava feed.      

2. Optimal Feed Stations 

You won’t find jam sandwiches and orange cordial on our feed stations. Struggle Events puts on an awesome spread of OTE Sports nutrition and snacks – where you need it, when you need it most – so you can smash that century without unnecessary stops. You’ll find caffeine gels for a final kick on the run-in while savoury pork pies await you when sickly sweet bars become unbearable. All stations are stocked out to ensure that every last riders on the road gets that much-needed nutrition.

3. Medal Bling – New

We know all you returning riders love to come back and smash a PR for the course. But here’s another excuse to meet us on the start line again next year. You’ll be pleased to know that for 2018 everyone who crosses the line will get an all-new Struggle medal.

4. Bad-Ass Complimentary Photos

We pride ourselves in offering complimentary event photography. And these aren’t your average event photos; we commission Cadence Images, one of the best cycling photographer’s in the UK, to capture you in an iconic Struggle style black and white shot cresting one of the toughest ascents set against the best landscape backdrops. So grit your teeth, give us your best pain face and create a shot worthy of a new 2018 bad-ass profile picture.

5. Road-side Support

Pro mechanics, rapid-response medics and additional support vehicles are out on the road to assist with any mechanical or medical emergencies. What’s more, we are extremely lucky to have a network of passionate, cycling-mad marshals who give up their time to thrash their cow bells, scream support and even offer a little push while also ensuring you’re safety on the road. Thank you marshals.

6. PR Times to Beat

All our events are chip timed to help provide a great personal challenge that you can keep chipping away at year on year and smash an annual PR for the course. Chip times are available instantly upon crossing the line at the viewing screen located at the finish and emailed out once the last rider has crossed the line.

7. Post-Ride Party

After rolling over the finish line, riders can enjoy the post-ride banter and awesome atmosphere at our finishers village. Gourmet food vendors, baristas and a bar allow riders to relax with a beer and a burger while checking their chip time and cheering in their friends, club mates and fellow Strugglers. It also provides a great place for the family to relax before cheering you over the line.

8. Stylish Kit – New jersey coming soon

Watch this space for our 2018 designs… coming soon. We work with Paria, one of the coolest kit suppliers, to devise stylish apparel while upholding the best standards of quality. Our aero-tech Italian-sourced fabric include top-class features such as coolmax sleeves, side panels and neck, silicone arms with full gripper, zipped central pocket with reflective stripe detail and more. All kit is available to order at sign up.

9. Stunning Scenery

Whether you’re pressing on through the drystone walls that cut across the lush green landscape up to the iconic Malham Cove, or you’ve crested the Glaisdale Horror and are flying through the purple heather into Rosedale Abbey with the tarmac of the Chimney Bank glistening on the hillside ahead,  our routes are devised to showcase Yorkshire in all its glory. So look up from chewing the stem and soak in God’s Own Country.

10. Devil is in the Detail

From optimal sports nutrition and safety marshals where you need them most to informative rider info packs, training tips and top-tube stickers; Struggle go over and above your average event organiser to ensure you get to the start line in the best shape and roll over the finish line feeling awesome.

11. Pork Pies

It appears our final feed station pork pies have gained a cult following, with riders reporting back claiming they boast “life-saving” nourishment. Our Pork Pies are provided by Vale of Mowbray and available at your nearest highstreet supermarket – yet for ultimate enjoyment we suggest riding 80 hilly miles before sinking your teeth in.

12. Purpose, achievement, self belief – and Kudos

Struggle began as events to offer local cyclists a training purpose, motivation for the long winter months and self-belief that they can ride further than their regular cafe run. Since, Struggle has cyclists from across the country travel to Yorkshire to tackle these challenging routes, but our ethos is still the same. These events require prior training – you can’t just rock up and ride – but with commitment and hard work it’s achievable for anyone.

If you’re looking for your next big challenge, a training goal to get fit for or want to progress your cycling and beat last year’s time, sign up to a Struggle Event and start training with purpose #BringCourage


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