You can find below a list of Yorkshire climbs featured in the Struggle sportive, where to find them on the route, their length and elevation.

The Struggle Sportive Yorkshire


Location: mile 5; Distance: 0.6 miles; Elevation gain: 281ft; Steepness: 8% avg
Bedlam on Strava

Hartwith Bank

Location: mile 10; Distance: 0.7 miles; Elevation gain: 458ft; Gradient: 11% avg
Hartwith Bank on Strava 


Location: mile 15; Distance: 2.4 miles; Elevation gain: 934ft; Gradient: 7% avg
Greenhow on Strava

Malham Cove

Location: mile 38; Distance: 1.1 miles; Elevation gain: 544ft; Gradient: 9% avg
Malham Cove on Strava

Park Rash

Location: mile 52; Distance: 1.2 miles; Elevation gain: 684ft; Gradient: 10% avg
Park Rash on Strava

Trapping Hill

Location: mile 80; Distance: 0.7 miles; Elevation gain: 369ft; Gradient: 9% avg
Trapping Hill on Strava

Two Stoops

Location: mile 94; Distance: 1.6 miles; Elevation gain: 680ft; Gradient: 7% avg
Two Stoops on Strava