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Pace: Squad & Solo Starts Explained

Our new end-of-season flat 100 mile sportive has excited imagination and entries are selling fast. If you're keen to enter but not sure if Squad or Solo start works for you, here's both options explained...

Pace: 100 mile sportive in Yorkshire

 Solo Start Explained...

You don’t need a full posse to sign up to our new 100 mile sportive. When registering, all you need to do is pick a speed you’d like to ride at and you can start in one of our small Pace Pens. So, what is a Pace Pen...? Read on to find out...


100 mile sportive in Yorkshire with no hills

Q. What’s a Pace Pen?

A. You’ll set off in small groups surrounded by similar ability riders, with the faster riders getting on the road first. Whether you ride together or tackle the 100 miles solo, you’ll feel safe in the knowledge you’ll be surrounded by similar-ability riders. 


100 mile sportive with pace pens

Q. What if I want to ride with a friend?

A. If you want to start with a friend/s, simply add their name/s into the ‘Who do you want to ride with’ box. As long as they’ve requested the same pace pen, you’ll all get to start together.


100 mile sportive with no hills in Yorkshire

Q. How do I enter?

A. Register now at www.ridethestruggle.com and enter your preferred riding speed in the Pace Pen dropdown menu. Simple!


 Squad Starts Explained

Squad Starts are for a group of 6-12 riders who want to ride together. You’ll receive a private start time. This is ideal for clubs, teams or groups of friends who want to work together over the 100 mile sportive route. 


Cappuccino Cycling Club rides 100 mile sportive

Q. What if I don't have a full squad yet?

A. Don’t worry if you haven't managed to muster-up a full squad yet. Add the names of your desired riding buddies, if you don't have enough for a full squad we’ll simply offer you a start time in the pace pen of your preferred riding speed.

We can also amend your booking at any time. Simply email hq@ridethestruggle.com


100 miles sportive in Yorkshire

Q. How to enter my Squad?

A. To enter into a squad simply register at www.ridethestruggle.com and enter the name of your agreed squad. We’ll ensure you all get to start together, with the faster squads starting first. 

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