Struggle Moors Chip Timing Results 2019

 Jimmy Parvin Struggle Moors Sportive Course Record

Here you'll find the official chip timing results from Struggle Moors 2019. This year saw some impressive times. There was a huge number of PRs (personal records) set by returning riders and a record number of Gold Standard times from both men and women. 

The course record, set in 2017 by Jimmy Parvin at 06:09:45, was beaten by Jimmy himself. His new course record is 6:06:49. 

Struggle Moors chip timing results

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  • Amazing day out. I wasn’t the fastest but I finished it and smiled most of the way round. Scenery stunning, and support staff great. Would be good to see a few more lady’s giving it a go.

    • Christine Saunderson
  • Another grueling day in the saddle with fantastic route and organisation by the Struggle Team. Chapeau!!
    Thought the Dales was tough, but this….. “Epic” A must for any avid cyclist that really want to test their metal and tick off their bucket list.

    • Gary Taylor
  • What can I say, come and have a go if you think you are hard enough!!
    Thanks, I had a fan-dabby-dozy day out. Top marks. 👍👍

    • Jason Feltus
  • Epic Bike Ride,
    Fantastic Venue,
    Great Checkpoint staff / helpers
    Bucket list event.

    • Crawford
  • Thank you for such a great day! Lovely event, great organisation and friendly support throughout. I will be back for more!

    • Sarah Smith