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Photos - Struggle Dales 2018

Photos - Struggle Dales 2018

Struggle Dales sportive finisher photos 2018

Find your complimentary pain face and awesome new profile picture to show off your achievement.

Find your image in real-time specific albums based on when you climbed Park Rash.

Images by the awesome Dan Monaghan of Cadence Images.


What to do in Harrogate the day before Struggle Dales

What to do in Harrogate the day before Struggle Dales

If you're heading to our Struggle Dales Express Sign-on, make the most of your day in Harrogate with our insider tips on what to do in Harrogate the day before the Struggle Dales Sportive. 

What to do in Harrogate for cyclists

Drink Coffee

At Struggle HQ we love our coffee and in our opinion the best place for a brew in Harrogate is Hoxton North. What’s more, this trendy brunch bar does an awesome bacon, eggs and avocado on sourdough.

They stop serving food at 3pm and in the evening turn into a casual bar. Here you can grab a

Struggle Dales Spectator Guide

Struggle Dales Spectator Guide

Here's Struggle HQ's pick of the best hilltops and cafe stops for your cheering fan club. Read below to find the best places to park, how to spectate safely - and the all-important cafe opening times...

Struggle Dales Sportive Spectator Guide

Greenhow Hill

You’ll find parking just before the summit of the climb at Coldstones Cut car park. There’s a picnic bench where you can enjoy a flask of coffee overlooking the stunning scenery while waiting for your rider to summit this notorious climb.

Toft Gate Barn 

Open Sunday 9am - 4pm

Located just before the KOM,...

Struggle Dales Sportive Nutrition Map

Struggle Dales Sportive Nutrition Map

Nutrition sponsor OTE Sports have devised a comprehensive, mile-by-mile nutrition map to ensure you're rolling back into Harrogate as energised as you rolled out - well almost. OTE Sports Nutritionist Annie Simpson reports...

sportive fuelling plan by OTE


Start the day with a high-carbohydrate breakfast. We suggest a large bowl of porridge made with milk, a sprinkle of raisins and a drizzle of honey. Try to consume this around 2-3 hours before the start.


Did you know just 2% loss of body weight due...

Preparing for a Struggle Sportive: 2 Weeks to Go

Preparing for a Struggle Sportive: 2 Weeks to Go

2 Weeks to Go!

Whether you're aiming for Gold or simply aiming to get round this gruelling Yorkshire sportive, here are a few things you should be thinking about with two weeks to go a Struggle sportive. 

Preparing for a sportive

1. Decrease your Distance

If you’re serious about the time you cross the finish line on an epic Struggle Yorkshire sportive, this week should mark the start of your taper.  Your taper is the freshening-up period...