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Is lockdown taking its toll on your toosh? To help ease all those static miles on the stationary indoor bike training for a Struggle, we've partnered with the leading chamois cream provider VeloSkin for our latest giveaway. 


Should I Use Chamios Cream For Indoor Training? 

Yes! You are sat for longer periods without getting in and out of the saddle to climb. You are never free wheeling and soft pedalling, thus putting more pressure on the sit bones. You are also sweating much more, causing increased rubbing and chafing. 

Whether you're managing the miles outdoors or restricted to the turbo, avoid saddle sores, chaffing or skin irritation by taking care of your toosh. 


Enter below for your chance of winning a Struggle Dales entry for you and a friend, plus two VeloSkin skincare bundles to keep your skin feeling great through your sportive training and on event day.

  • 2 Struggle Dales Entries
  • 2 Tins of Chamois Cream
  • VeloSkin Soothing Recovery Gel
  • VeloSkin Shave Cream
  • VeloSkin Post Shave
  • VeloSkin Sports Moisturiser
  • VeloSkin Cycling Cap

Find out more about VeloSkin products at www.veloskin.cc

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