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Training Tips: Winter Cycling Kit List

We kick off our 2023 Winter Training Series with our top ten winter cycling kit list to keep you warm, dry and safe while out training. 

Winter Cycling Kit 2023

1. Rain Jacket - That Works!

A good cycling rain jacket should be fully waterproof - not water repellent - to deal with downpours. It needs to fit sleekly over your additional layers without billowing like a parachute behind you. It should also roll up and tuck discretely in your jersey pocket. 

Finally, your jacket should protect you from the rain without leaving you wet from sweat. Our top pick is the Castelli Idro, which is breathability, waterproof, fitted and super-lightweight.   


Castelli Idro Winter Cycling Jacket


2. Windstopper Neck Warmer

Such a simple and inexpensive item of clothing; a cycling neck warmer makes a huge difference to your core temperature and overall comfort. A neck warmer works to insulate you; keeping the warm air from rising up, out of your clothing.

It also protects your face from wind chill, driving rain and road spray. Our Struggle neck warmers are made from technical four-way stretch fabric, is windproof, moisture-wicking and quick drying. Order a Struggle Neck Warmer >>


Struggle cycling buff

3. Water-Beading Bib Tights

Look down and watch the rain roll off your legs - quite literally. Water-repellent winter bib tights such as Castelli NanoFlex have an exterior coating that water beads off.

Whereas bib tights without this will leave you wet and cold all day, causing your muscles to remain cold and less efficient. A top pair of winter tights should also offer a layer of insulation (look out for a soft, furry interior).


Castelli NanoFlex Winter Bib Tights 

4. Flashy Rear Light

With dark mornings, early evenings and dull days, visibility on the roads is key for cyclists over the winter. We always set our rear light flickering over winter, regardless of the time of day.

Our favourite brand for cycling bike lights is Lezyne. They are super-lightweight and can be easily charged via USB.


Lezyne Front Light

5. Good-Fitting Gloves

Too tight and you'll suffer from wind chill; too loose and you'll fumble about getting food out of your pocket. Functional, well-fitting winter gloves are essential, especially when riding at speed.

During early winter we'll wear a lighter pair of gloves such as the Castelli Perfetto Light. For deep winter we'll move to something like the Sealskinz All Weather gloves.

Castelli perfetto ros light cycling gloves

6. Mudguards - No Excuses!

Mudguards are a must for winter riding with your mates. Raceblade Mudguards are great for bikes that don’t have clearance for full mudguards or for people who don’t have the luxury of a winter and summer bike.

A top tip is to buy mudguards from your local bike shop and pay for the fitting too. Badly fitted, rubbing mudguards will ruin your winter riding.

For a mudguard to work properly you need a long flap! You can extend yours with an additional mud flap. 


SKS Race Blade Mudguards Pro

7. Waterproof Phone Case

Keep your phone and cycling essentials safe and dry this winter with a Struggle phone / tool case. These handy packs are fully waterproof with tapered seams and fits neatly into your jersey pocket. Order Struggle Tool / Phone Case >>


Waterproof cycling tool and phone case

8. Neoprene Overshoes

Your extremities are the first to suffer on a winter ride. Similar to well-fitting gloves, effective overshoes are a must.

A few year's ago Yorkshire cyclist Tom Barras invented Spatz extra-long overshoes that extend above the ankles to protect the shins from road spray. 


Spatz Overshoes

9. 'Perfetto' Cycling Top

If you buy one jacket this winter, the Castelli Perfetto should be it. It’s the Struggle team’s go-to garment for autumn rides. It’s wind proof, water repellent and breathable. 

The Perfetto keeps you warm - and cool! You can ride up climbs without overheating or down descents without needing to pull on a gilet; perfect when training for a Struggle.

Coupled with a Spatz base layer (below), it can see you through all winter riding. Plus, it offers an awesome colour range for both men and women. 


Castelli Perfetto winter cycling jacket

10. Second-Skin Base Layer

One of the most important layers to your winter kit list is the one that sits next to your skin; the base layer. It should be warm but more importantly, is must be moisture-wicking; pulling the sweat away from your skin to keep you feeling warm and dry.

One of our top picks is the Spatz Basez 2 baselayer, designed to marry perfectly with a Perfetto (or similar jacket) to provide warmth and wicking properties. 



Spatz base layer


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