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Winter Warmer Bundle
Winter Warmer Bundle

Winter Warmer Bundle

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Big Bobble Hat & Gradient Grind Coffee 

Nab your winter warmer bundle now while stocks last. Our Struggle bobble hats and coffee for cyclists will make an ideal Xmas gift.


struggle coffee for cyclists

Gradient Grind Coffee

Our blend of coffee for cyclists is made from Brazillian Peaberry, which creates a smooth and rich espresso that's perfect pre-ride. Combined with steamed milk it builds into a silky and light flat white, latte or cappuccino to drink post-ride with that slice of cake you've earned! 


Big Bobble Hats

Struggle Big Bobble Hat

Struggle has collaborated with must-have cycling accessory brand Big Bobble Hats to offer riders an awesome off-the-bike memento of their epic Yorkshire sportive achievement.