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Struggle Coached Rider
Struggle Coached Rider

Struggle Coached Rider

Regular price £60

Get your own personal coach for just £60 per month

Struggle Coached Rider Package Include:

  • Personal Consultation - Start-up phone consultation with your coach
  • Fitness Analysis - Full analysis of current training and cycling performance. Start-up fitness test built into plan with full analysis to create your personal training zones and bespoke training plan 
  • Personalised Training Plan - In depth week to week training plan delivered via Training Peaks (Available on Android and iPhone Apps)
  • Free Training Peaks Account - For training delivery, recording and feedback
  • Coach Contact - Monthly catch up with coach via phone call, email contact through the month
  • Heart rate and/or power file analysis - once a month

£60 per month

No contracts or obligations to extend the coaching following the first month. Sign up now to try out your first month with Mint Cycling.

About The Coach  

We've carefully selected Mint Cycling as Struggle Events' resident coaching provider. Director of Mint Cycling Tom Murray is a former British professional, a three-time national medal holder, has regularly raced the Tour Series, Tour of Britain, Revolution Track Series, and more. And as a former Yorkshire Road Race Champion, we believe Tom can offer unique, personal knowledge alongside his exemplary coaching credentials to our Struggle Coached Rider packages. 


Why a Coach? 

Become your fittest, fastest, strongest you in 2020! Struggle Events has always aspired to offer training plans, to provide winter motivation and help get riders around the epic parcours in the best shape possible.

But we're big believers that training plans should be individual and adaptive. Struggle's Director Matt has been working with Tom at Mint Cycling throughout 2019 and has not only seen improvements in performance, he's also enjoyed the structured, personalised and supportive approach personal coaching has provided.