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Struggle Big Bobble Hat
Struggle Big Bobble Hat

Struggle Big Bobble Hat

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Yorkshire Big Bobble Hat by Struggle Sportive

Struggle has collaborated with must-have cycling accessory brand Big Bobble Hats to offer riders an awesome off-the-bike memento of their epic Yorkshire sportive achievement.  

About Big Bobble Hats

Rock up to any Cyclocross event or early season bike race and you'll spot a sea of oversized bobble hats in a kaleidoscope of colours. What's more, you'll find them in Belgium stripes, Dutchman orange, the rainbow stripes of the World Champ jerseys, and much more.

These cycling themed Big Bobble Hats have become a must-have for all avid cycling fans and have taken over the crowds at all major bike races. Struggle Events and Big Bobble Hats have teamed up so you can stand out from the crowd with a unique Struggle Yorkshire Big Bobble Finisher's Hat.