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Maurten: New Official Sports Nutrition Partner

Speed backed up by science; Maurten is revolutionising sports nutrition. So much so, the world's fastest athletes are training and racing fuelled by Maurten. Find out the science behind our new feed station fuel...


Maurten sports nutrient for cyclists and sportive riders

What's Unique About Maurten? 

Science long ago proved drinking carbohydrate solutions during exercise increases performance. But somewhat contradictory, it says our stomachs don't cope well with high concentrations of it – often resulting in slower gastric emptying and GI distress.

Maurten has harnessed a unique hydrogel technology to develop carbohydrate-rich, all-natural sports nutrition that our bodies can tolerate. 

Not only does Maurten's kind-to-the-tummy products ensure you don't slow down or stop due to stomach issues, the high-concentrate carbohydrate drinks and gels will optimise energy levels so you can ride at full speed to the Struggle finish line. 


Understand the Science Behind Maurten 

A Maurten gel encapsulates the carbohydrate and smoothly transports it through the stomach faster, into the intestine where the carbohydrates are absorbed much quicker.

Maurten drink works just like the Maurten gel but the energy drink transforms from liquid into a hydrogel in the acidity of the stomach, encapsulating the carbohydrates, salt and water and channeling it into the intestine more rapidly.

Maurten combines all-natural ingredients; maltodextrin and fructose provide natural carbohydrate energy sources. These are combined with pectin from citrus fruit and sodium alginate from seaweed to aid absorption. There's also salt to replenish the essential mineral lost through sweating. 



A Very Different Kind of Gel

Be prepared for a very pleasant yet different experience from a Maurten gel. Unlike most sickly sweet syrup gels, Maurten has a jelly-like texture making it easy to consume on the go. It also boasts an extremely neutral, easy-to-stomach taste that's palatable even after 100 miles into a Struggle sportive.

But what makes a Maurten gel great is the high-carbohydrate content (a whopping 40g), making it so much easier to ingest all the energy you need to get around our challenging parcours.


Who Uses Maurten?

Maurten fuels pro cycling teams such as Team Jumbo-Visma, Team Canyon-SRAM, Team Israel Start-Up Nation. The fastest endurance runners in the world Eliud Kipchoge, Mo Farah, Kilian Jornet race and train using Maurten. Ironman legend Jan Frodeno prepares and races in Kona using Maurten. The list goes on..


Cyclist using Maurten

Image: @thomas_maheux

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