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Quick-fire: 100 Mile Sportive Tips

With Pace - our 100 mile flat sportive - on the horizon, take a glance at our useful pre- ride and en route tips to ensure you secure a PR over 100 miles. 

100 mile sportive tips for Pace Powered by Struggle

Penultimate Prep

1. Activate Your Legs: Enjoy a super-steady glass crank ride of no more than 1hour the day before. After that, stick your feet up and get ready for your 100 mile sportive.

2. Smash Snacks: Eat well. Don’t let yourself get hungry the day before the sportive. Nibble often and enjoy a high-carb dinner.

3. Sip Salts: Hydrate well today but not just on water or this will strip your body of sodium. Instead, plop an OTE hydro tab in your bottle.

4. Get 8 Hours: Avoid getting caught up in Netflix box sets tonight. Get your eight hours in!

5. Perform Checks: If you’ve signed up to a 100 mile sportive you want to complete 100 miles. Don’t fall foul of an easily avoidable mechanical. 


OTE Sports hydration of 100 mile sportive

Make Sensible Pre-ride Choices

1. Give Yourself Time: There’s no Express Sign-on the day before. Sign-on opens at 6:00-6:45am the morning of the event and the start gates open at 7am. More info coming soon in your Road Book…

2. Pick Your Peloton: You can make the final call on your Pace Pen on the morning of the event. You must ride in the Pace Pen you believe you can complete the full 100 mile sportive in. And why not? You don’t want to get dropped and ride 80 miles alone. Read more about Pace Pens and Squad Starts >>

3. Come Prepared: Start the ride with two old water bottles. You will swap these for a pre-filled bottle at each feed. We will recycle your old plastic bottles. Make sure you have food in your pocket for the first 35 miles to Feed 1. 


Sign on for 100 mile sportive

Optimise Your Ride  

1. Eat from the Outset: It’s 35 miles to the first feed so start eating from around 10 miles in. Aim to have a bite of your bar every 30 minutes and sip energy from the start.    

2. Take your Turns Wisely: No need for heroics in the first half of the 100 mile sportive course. Avoid taking long turns on the front and work with your group as a team. Don’t be scared to miss a turn if you’re going through a bad patch. You can return the favour after you’ve rested in the bunch. 

4. Stop at Speed Feeds: At our grab-and-go speed feeds you can nab one pre-filled bottle, a bar and a gel - and a handful of jelly babies for morale. Don’t miss the first feed! The second feed is 65 miles in; you’ll have drunk both bottles by then and will have to waste time filling up your second bottle. Find out more about the Speed Feeds >>

5. Enjoy the Run-in: The last 17 miles is along the old A1. It’s a flat run-in you can enjoy. Remember it is open roads so do watch out for vehicles and other cyclists. View the 100 mile sportive route >>


Cycling a 100 mile sportive

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This event is not a race, but a personal challenge. It is run on open public roads. You are expected to obey the Highway Code and be safe and courteous of other road users. Riders are set of in small safe groups after a compulsory safety briefing. If you are riding in a group you should ride no more two abreast when safe to do so and single out on narrow roads. You are responsible for deciding when it is safe to cross traffic, overtake riders, moderate your speed and decision make.

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