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Rider Reviews: Struggle Moors Route

Rider Reviews: Struggle Moors Route

We asked last year's gallant Struggle Moors' riders to review this super-tough sportive route. Read post-ride reviews of this monster parcours here... 

Byland Abbey on Struggle Moors sportive in Yorkshire Moors

Simon Plant 5*****“Pure evil.... evil genius”

“WOW, what an impressive route. Everything from sign-in, signage, staff and tech help at feed-stations, and helpful marshals to post-ride food/drink was impeccable.

“Putting Rosedale Chimney at the end was just pure evil.... evil genius. A ride I will remember and re-review for many years to come. Thanks to all organisers and staff who made it possible.”


Ranked: Top 6 Struggle Moors Climbs

Ranked: Top 6 Struggle Moors Climbs

Here at Struggle HQ we don't just pin a virtual path and recon the route from the comfort of our car. Struggle's Matt Mannakee pedals every mile of our epic sportives. Here Matt talks you though the hardest ascents of Struggle Moors, provides his top tips for tackling the steep gradients and recalls some dark moments spent in the Yorkshire Moors. 

Matt Mannakee

Bucket-List Battles

"Named in the Top 8 Hardest UK Sportives for 2018, Struggle Moors offers hugely challenging terrain and super-tough climbs combined with the spectacular landscape of the Yorkshire Moors," says Matt.

"Why do we ride a super-tough...

Video: Discover how to tackle Trapping Hill

Video: Discover how to tackle Trapping Hill

Trapping Hill is the penultimate climb on the Struggle Dales. In our latest video blog we take you on a tour of this testing ascent and show you how to tackle it.

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