News: Rider Reviews: Struggle Moors Route

We asked last year's gallant Struggle Moors' riders to review this super-tough sportive route. Read post-ride reviews of this monster parcours here... 

Byland Abbey on Struggle Moors sportive in Yorkshire Moors

Simon Plant 5*****“Pure evil.... evil genius”

“WOW, what an impressive route. Everything from sign-in, signage, staff and tech help at feed-stations, and helpful marshals to post-ride food/drink was impeccable.

“Putting Rosedale Chimney at the end was just pure evil.... evil genius. A ride I will remember and re-review for many years to come. Thanks to all organisers and staff who made it possible.”

Antony Clark 5***** “A truly stunning day on the bike!”

“After completing and enjoying Struggle Dales, Struggle Moors was a no-brainer. Leading up to the ride and looking at the route it was clear it was going to be a bit of a monster - and it certainly delivered.

“This ride was on a par with other well known tough sportives but it just seemed to keep pushing you as a rider to the end. Well organised with great marshalling and feed stations and a backdrop to rival anywhere in the world, this was a truly stunning day on the bike! I still broken 2 days on!

Alex Jones 5***** “The Moors is definitely the Daddy to the Dales.”

“I've ridden both of the Struggle events this year. Really well organised, great enthusiastic team and amazing routes.The Moors is definitely the Daddy to the Dales.

“For regular sportive riders I would say the Moors is as tough as the mighty Fred Whitton. I would recommend both events 100% to anyone who rides a bike - don't underestimate them though!!

Lee Head 5***** “You're in for one of the best days on a bike”

“I've been lucky enough to do both the Struggle events this year and they have both been awesome. There aren't many cycling events that get cult status, but the Struggle events deserve it.

“The Dales event was hard, but flowing and fast, and the climbs tended to be long slogs but not crazy steep (two stoops at the end being a real test though).

“The Moors event was a more technical ride and real caution was needed on the demanding descents, so it was harder to get into a rhythm. The climbs were ultra steep in parts and it took real commitment to crest them without dismounting. The scenery was beautiful and if you're lucky to have the weather we did, you're in for one of the best days on a bike you can have.

"The feed stations are brilliant. The marshals were great. And Matt and Victoria are the best. Add it to your bucket list.”

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