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New Team Entry: Secure Last Remaining 2021 Slots

Struggle Sportive Team Entry

Guarantee a 2021 Struggle place for you and your mates.

With 2020's riders already deferred to 2021 we have limited places left. Our team entry gives you and your mates an extra chance of securing one of the remaining places - plus extra perks on the day:

1. One For All

If you secure one of the last remaining places, your whole team of four or more get a place! 

2. Priority Entry

You and your team mates get the chance to enter 24 hours before everyone else. 

3. Pre-Ride Coffee

Whether you prefer espresso or frothy latte, our expert baristas will give you all free coffee the morning of the ride, so you can huddle up and talk climbs.

4. Post-Ride Celebrations 

Once your final rider crosses the line, head to the bar for your complimentary post-ride beer to celebrate your achievements.

Create Your Team

All you need to do now is create your team below then refer your friends. 

Already Entered?

If you've already entered you can still create a team and benefit from the perks.

* Your team must have four or more riders sign up to the event to quality.


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