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Henrietta Colborne: How to Climb Stronger - and Quicker

Henrietta Colborne: How to Climb Stronger - and Quicker

Henrietta completed Struggle Dales as part of her training for the Tour de Yorkshire pro women’s race. Now racing professionally on the continent, Henrietta explains how you can improve your climbing in the lead up to our hilly Yorkshire sportives. 

Henrietta Colborne

1. Set Tough Goals

“The majority of my racing in 2017 was in Holland and Belgium - a few lumps here and there but no 20 km climbs! At the end of 2017 I raced Tour Cycliste Féminin International de l'Ardèche; a 5-day stage race in the South of France. It included 30 km+ climbs in 30 degree...

Network Bike 2018: Business Networking for Cyclists

Network Bike 2018: Business Networking for Cyclists

Network Bike is back for 2018, in association with Fensham Howes. Taking place on Friday 20th April 2018 from the exclusive venue of Bowcliffe Hall, Bramham, Yorkshire, Network Bike creates a synergy between business and your bike.

Network Bike Business Networking For Cyclists

Business Networking For Cyclists in Yorkshire 

Network Bike offers the opportunity for Yorkshire business people to meet and connect over coffee and breakfast before heading out in groups for a fun, flat ride, to continue networking in the saddle. 

While in the corporate world, Managing Director of Struggle Events Matt Mannakee spent...

6 Things for Cyclists To Do On Snow Days

6 Things for Cyclists To Do On Snow Days

Is the Beast from the East holding you prisoner in your own home? Well here in Yorkshire we’re sticking two fingers up to the snow outside and maxing out our day indoors. Here’s Struggle HQ’s tips for our fellow trapped cyclists. 

Malham Cove on Struggle Dales Yorkshire Sportive

1. Watch the Worlds

With Kenny back in the saddle the World Track Champs is not to be missed. Catch yesterday’s re-runs on Eurosport 2. Tune in LIVE at 17:30pm on Eurosport 2, BBC Online or the Red Button to watch our friend Charlie Tanfield racing for Gold against Denmark in...

9 Rituals to Avoid Pre-sportive Illness

9 Rituals to Avoid Pre-sportive Illness

Here at Struggle HQ we’ve all been floored by bugs, viruses and infections this winter. With our Mallorca Training Camp on the horizon, we've re-addressed our rituals to ensure we’re battling bugs and re-engaging the body and mind post-lurgy. Here’s our tips to ensure you’re all fighting fit during your Struggle sportive training.

Tips to avoid illness for sportive riders

With training camps, sportives and road races just around the...

Rider Reviews: Struggle Moors Route

Rider Reviews: Struggle Moors Route

We asked last year's gallant Struggle Moors' riders to review this super-tough sportive route. Read post-ride reviews of this monster parcours here... 

Byland Abbey on Struggle Moors sportive in Yorkshire Moors

Simon Plant 5*****“Pure evil.... evil genius”

“WOW, what an impressive route. Everything from sign-in, signage, staff and tech help at feed-stations, and helpful marshals to post-ride food/drink was impeccable.

“Putting Rosedale Chimney at the end was just pure evil.... evil genius. A ride I will remember and re-review for many years to come. Thanks to all organisers and staff who made it possible.”