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Cycling Weekly Recon of Struggle Dales Sportive Route

Cycling Weekly Recon of Struggle Dales Sportive Route

"If you’ve ever had the pleasure of riding in North Yorkshire, it’s highly likely you’ve tackled the roads used for the Tour De Yorkshire. But according to The Struggle organiser, Matt Mannakee, you’ve been missing out on some of the region’s most spectacular and untouched scenery," says Cycling Weekly. read their recon review here...

Struggle Dales sportive review

Image: The Stunning Scenery on surrounding Malham Cove Climb 

Why Ride Struggle Dales

Taking in seven of North Yorkshire’s killer climbs, the Struggle certainly lives up to its name. 108 miles in this neck of the woods is a serious day...

Cycling Plus attempts Struggle Dales for ultimate bike testing

Cycling Plus attempts Struggle Dales for ultimate bike testing

Cycling Plus uses our Struggle sportive course to put two cheap steeds to the ultimate test: "We take on one of the toughest sportive courses in the UK on two £250 road bikes to find out which breaks first – us, the bikes or our snobbish price preconceptions."

Cycling Plus reviews Struggle Dales sportive

Billed as Yorkshire’s hardest sportive, Struggle Dales already has a fearsome reputation. At 108 miles it’s short enough to trick you into thinking it’s relatively doable, but its elevation profile is a hungry parade of brutally sharp fangs. It doesn’t take long to show those teeth, nipping at our heels with the 260ft climb of Bedlam...

Cycling Weekly tackles Struggle Moors sportive route

Cycling Weekly tackles Struggle Moors sportive route

Rating it 10/10 for toughness, Cycling Weekly says: “Struggle The Moors is a test of mental and physical abilities. It will have you working hard up until the bitter end.” Read the full review here...

Cycling Weekly reviews Struggle Moors sportive in the North Yorkshire Moors

A masochistic march over the North York Moors

When you think of cycling in Yorkshire, it’s more than likely the Dales spring to mind, with narrow lanes flanked by drystone walls and quaint cafe stops. But head due...

Discover Malham Cove Climb

Discover Malham Cove Climb

Weave your way between the drystone walls, remembering to leave something in the tank for the later stage of this cruel climb of two halves.

Malham Cove Yorkshire cycling climb

The Cove Road

The Cove Road, as it’s known by locals, is the steeper of your two get-outs from the village of Malham. Ignore the righthand road inviting you to Malham Tarn and force yourself left.

This notorious Yorkshire cycling climb is located at mile 38 on Struggle Dales sportive. The scenery surrounding Malham is famous for its drystone walls cutting through the landscape. It’s these suffocating restraints that form your narrow pathway...

Unearth Hartwith Bank climb

Unearth Hartwith Bank climb

The Struggle sportive takes you off Yorkshire’s beaten track and over some of the most narrow, steep and unforgiving climbs. Here we talk you through what to expect when you tackle Hartwith Bank.

Hartwith Bank

Local Knowledge

After a warm-up over Bedlam Hill you’ll hit Hartwith Bank at mile 10, a climb not as forgiving as its precursor.

This secret segment is unknown to the outsider. But rather than shooting through Summerbridge on their way to tackle the infamous Greenhow Hill (which comes later), hardcore locals swing right behind the highstreet and straight up onto this hidden hill.

Out the Saddle