My Struggle: Woman with Will

My Struggle: Woman with Will

It’s Rachael's story that sticks in our minds here at Struggle HQ. We often recall Rachael to encourage anxious procrastinators whose curser hovers over the enter button. Here full-time solicitor and mum of two tells us why anyone with strong will can complete Struggle Dales.  

Rachael Bateman on the finish line of Struggle Dales

Image: Rachael on the Struggle Dales finish line with her club mates

Do I, Don't I?

“I had lots of pre-event nerves and was regularly making the decision not to start the sportive as it’s only for the faster...

Training Tips: Cycling Training Session: How to Improve your Aerobic Capacity

Training Tips: Cycling Training Session: How to Improve your Aerobic Capacity

Top Physiologist Craig Stevenson talks us through his tough turbo training session to increase maximal sustainable pace and get you riding faster for longer. 


Craig Stevenson providing his top turbo session to train for a sportive

“Winter is the perfect time to focus on improving weaker areas of performance,” says Craig who heads up performance testing and coaching at the OTE Performance Centre in Leeds and has developed his own online training software Vitfor.

“With a sportive like the Struggle in the Yorkshire hills - with lots of long, sustained climbs - having the ability to sustain a...

My Struggle: Riding for Carl

My Struggle: Riding for Carl

Struggle Dales was a very personal struggle for Joe Dobinson and his Yorkshire bunch of cycling comrades. Find out how they fared...

Charity sportive bike ride

We lost a dear friend Carl to a Motor Cross accident who later passed away in Hospital.

A few of Carls friends are cyclists. With the sport being so accessible we decided that riding to Paris would be a great challenge in his memory. I decided to raise money for North West Air Ambulance but in the process set ourselves a hard challenge.

To achieve our end goal of getting to Paris we set hard challenges...