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Struggle Dales: 18 Reasons to Ride one of the hardest sportives

Outside being one of the UK's hardest sportives, Struggle Dales combines excellent organisation with detailed riders considerations to make it one of the best sportives out there.

Struggle Dales riders aspire to achieve against this challenging parcours - then come back year on year to smash their PR. Struggle Dales is a sportive for cyclists - by cyclists - with an awesome atmosphere created not just by our friendly team but by our like-minded returning riders who we love to see on the start line year on year. Here's our non-exhaustive list of why we believe Struggle Dales has become an iconic sell-out Yorkshire sportive. 

1. PR this Awesome Route

Whether you’re a returning rider determined to clock in a personal best over the parcours or a Struggle newbie keen to test your legs against the terrain, our carefully crafted route has it all - and will remind you why cycling in Yorkshire is awesome.

Malham Cove on sportive in Yorkshire

2. Eat Up Bucket-list Climbs

Woven into our flawless parcours are some of the UK’s must-ride cycling climbs. Whether you’re local to the icons of Yorkshire’s shark-tooth terrain or venturing into new waters to tackle these ferocious monsters, there’s no better feeling than ticking off the tasty hills and getting home to string of Strava gold.

Greenhow Hill on sportive in Yorkshire

3. Study Detailed Rider Comms

From the moment you sign up we keep you informed with news, tips and training support. Pre-ride you’ll receive a detailed Road Book. On the day you’ll get a full safety briefing, top-tube stickers and much more. All this is to ensure you’re fully prepared to cross the line in the best shape possible with your fastest time.

Sportive toptube sticker

4. Fuel with Optimal Sports Nutrition

Struggle Events puts on an awesome spread of OTE Sports nutrition plus snacks - where you need it, when you need it most. You’ll find caffeine gels for a final kick on the run-in while savoury pork pies await you when sickly sweet bars become unbearable. 

Sportive feed stations

5. Park at the Start - FOC 

To us this is a no-brainer. Because at Struggle HQ we've all experienced the stresses of pre-event logistics first hand. So, to cut out any stress for you on the morning of the ride there's always ample FOC parking at the start line.

Sportive parking

6. Nab Cool Finisher Swag 

All riders receive a finisher water bottle to wave around with pride while out on a ride - and a bling medal. Last year's medal was awesome; this year's is going to be even better. Make sure you add it to your medal haul.

sportive finisher medals

7. Awesome Photos - FOC 

These aren't your average event photos; we commission one of the best cycling photographer’s in the UK to capture you in an iconic Struggle-style black and white shot cresting one of the toughest ascents set against the best landscape backdrops.

sportive finisher photos

8. Follow Clear Signposting  

No need to stare at your GPS devise. Struggle HQ spend 13 hours carefully signposting the route for you - so look up and enjoy the stunning Yorkshire Dales landscape. 


9. Call our Mechanic Hotline 

Every rider will receive a dedicated emergency number and our roving mechanics will come to your rescue should you suffer mechanical failures - with the aim to get you back on your way to finishing the route.  

Support vehicle for cycling events

10. Choose when to Sign-on  

To relieve stress on the morning of the ride we host an Express Sign-on. This is held at a bike shop nearby so you can grab any last-minute kit, spares and gels. For those struggling to sign on the day before, you can still do so on the morning of the event.  

Sign-on for Struggle Dales sportive

11. Meet Friendly Folk  

Whether it's camaraderie from fellow riders out on the road or support from our event team at HQ, sign-on, feed stations, marshal points, support convoy and finish village; our event is full of friendly cyclists passionate about ensuring you're fully supported and encouraged.

Friendly sportive

12. Chill with a Post-ride Party Vibe  

No one rushes off after rolling over the finish line. Riders enjoy the post-ride banter and awesome atmosphere at our finishers village. Gourmet food vendors, baristas and a bar allow riders to relax with a beer and a burger while checking their chip time and cheering in their friends, club mates and fellow Strugglers. It also provides a great place for the family to relax before cheering you over the line.

Cold Bath Beers at Finish Village

13. Use our Pre-ride Bike Checks  

All riders must ensure their bike is in full working order. However, we understand anything can happy in the journey to Harrogate. Pre-ride bike checks are available at Express Sign-on and during the morning of the event to make any minor mechanical tweaks.

Mechanical support for sportives and cycling events

14. Wear Stylish Finisher Kit and Merch'  

Watch this space for our 2019 designs… coming soon. All kit is available to order when entries open on Friday 02 November.

Sportive finisher jersey

15. Gasp at God's Own County  

Whether you’re pressing on through the drystone walls that cut across the lush green landscape up to the iconic Malham Cove, or you’ve crested Park Rash with a greeting from the beautiful highland cattle, look up from chewing the stem and soak in God’s Own County.

 Views of the Yorkshire Dales

16. Guzzle Pork Pies  

Our final feed station pork pies have gained a cult following, with riders reporting back claiming they boast “life-saving” nourishment. Our Pork Pies are provided by Vale of Mowbray and available at your nearest highstreet supermarket - yet for ultimate enjoyment we suggest riding 80 hilly miles on Struggle Dales before sinking your teeth in.

Pork Pies

17. New - Be a Struggle Coached Rider

We're excited to be teaming up with a talented coaching operation to provide tailored 12 week sportive training packages optimised for endurance riders.
More info coming soon...  

sportive training plan

18. New - Come join our Recon Rides  

We'll be hosting two fully supported recon rides in the lead-up to the event to help familiarise yourself with the climbs and sections of the route. 
More info coming soon...    

Recon Ride Struggle Moors

Bring Your Mates in 2019

Want some company out on the road? Ensure your friends and club mates pre-register now to avoid missing out on a place in this sell-out sportive.



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