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Struggle Moors Photos 2019

Jeremy Elder on Struggle Moors Sportive

Find your complimentary pain face and awesome new profile picture to show off your achievement.

Find your image in real-time specific albums based on when you climbed Rosedale Chimney.

Images by the awesome Dan Monaghan of Cadence Images.


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1 comment

  • OK, it was tough, it was brutal, I purposely stopped looking at gradients on websites far too scary, don’t even look at the nasty ones in between the categorised ones. BUT when you’ve just climbed Cote De Grosmont or the Chimney and you are on top of the World, literally, with views 360 and just you, your bike, the sheep, purple heather and views like that, my word you know why you signed up this year and you’ll be back again next.

    Fantastic support, signage, marshals where you actually need them, and feed stops with people who care and such caring people at start and finish.

    It’s why I ride ridiculously hard events, a true personal challenge, aided by camaraderie, when you need it from others also suffering.

    Thank you :o)

    • Ann Shuttleworth