Do the Struggle Double: Dales & Moors now open for entries!

Terms & Conditions

Event Entries:

Struggle Events offer event refunds for Struggle Dales up to 1st March and Struggle Moors up to 1st May. Struggle Events cannot provide a refund should you not be able to attend the event and have not noticed us before the above dates. Struggle Events do however transfer your entry to a nominated rider of your choice. The transfer window will close on 1st May 2018 for Struggle Dales and 1st July for Struggle Moors. You must not offer your place to another rider without notifying the event organiser. Riders who cannot provide photographic proof of identity at sign on will not be given their number and timing chip. To transfer an entry email:

Event Merchandise:

Struggle merchandise will be available for collection at sign on the day before or morning of the event so long as the order was submitted within the deadlines. Struggle Dales deadline is 5th March while Struggle Moors is 5th April. All orders are manufactured for the customer upon payment. We do not hold pre-manufactured stock. Unfortunately, we can therefore NOT guarantee a refund once the payment has been made. We would try to refund as long as the garment has not been sent to be manufactured. If you cannot attend the event but would like your product shipping to you you will be required to pay a shipping fee. This fee will be calculated in accordance with the market price postage fee at the date the shipment is requested for. Should we not be able to manufacture the product due to demand or lead times we will then aim to offer a refund.

Rider Disclaimer:

By signing up to an event via this website you are agreeing to participate in this event at your own risk. You must rely on your own ability in dealing with all hazards you must ride in a manner which is safe for yourself and others. If you do not abide by these terms and conditions you will be removed from the event.

By entering the event you agree that no liability whatsoever shall attach to The Struggle event organisers or marshals in respect of any injury, loss or damage suffered by yourself in or by reason of the event. Event organisers reserve the right to change the route or cancel the sportive in the event of unforeseen circumstances including severe weather conditions. If the event is cancelled the event organisers are not obliged to provide a refund.

All participants under the age of 18 must submit a consent form completed by their parent/guardian to before the event. Parental consent forms are available for download from the British Cycling website. Riders under the age of 16 must also be accompanied by a parent or guardian.