Struggle V-Fondo 2023

Struggle V-Fondo


The Struggle Virtual Gran Fondo is back - in partnership with Wahoo RGT, the world’s most realistic indoor cycling simulator.

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Take on the toughest segments of the Struggle routes from the safety of your indoor trainer. Test your fitness against the real Struggle gradients of simulated climbs with summit finishes up the toughest Yorkshire ascents. See how you fare on our finisher leaderboard and claim your virtual finisher jersey. 

  • Toughest 25 km segment of Struggle Dales & Moors
  • Simulation of the real-world routes and gradients 
  • Summit finishes on iconic climbs
  • Competitive finisher's leaderboard 
  • Claim the Struggle V-Jersey
  • Completely free!

Download Wahoo RGT for FREE and sign up to the Struggle V-Fondo events today via the enter buttons below...


Wahoo RGT Struggle Dales V-Fondo 2023

Graphics by Loopie

Struggle Dales V-Fondo 

Thursday 9th February 2023 | 6:30pm | RGT | Sign Up >>

Struggle Dales V-Fondo is a tough 25km challenge. You'll take on the tasty ascent of Hartwith Bank followed by a summit finish on Greenhow Hill.  


Wahoo RGT Struggle Moors V-Fondo

Graphics by Loopie

Struggle Moors V-Fondo 

Thurs 16th February 2023 | 6:30pm | RGT | Sign Up >>

Struggle Moors V-Fondo is a tough 25km challenge. You'll battle to the top of Glaisdale Horror before finishing on the summit of Rosedale Chimney. 



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