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Struggle — struggle Dales

Discover Malham Cove Climb

Discover Malham Cove Climb

Weave your way between the drystone walls, remembering to leave something in the tank for the later stage of this cruel climb of two halves.

Malham Cove Yorkshire cycling climb

The Cove Road

The Cove Road, as it’s known by locals, is the steeper of your two get-outs from the village of Malham. Ignore the righthand road inviting you to Malham Tarn and force yourself left.

This notorious Yorkshire cycling climb is located at mile 38 on Struggle Dales sportive. The scenery surrounding Malham is famous for its drystone walls cutting through the landscape. It’s these suffocating restraints that form your narrow pathway...

Unearth Hartwith Bank climb

Unearth Hartwith Bank climb

The Struggle sportive takes you off Yorkshire’s beaten track and over some of the most narrow, steep and unforgiving climbs. Here we talk you through what to expect when you tackle Hartwith Bank.

Hartwith Bank

Local Knowledge

After a warm-up over Bedlam Hill you’ll hit Hartwith Bank at mile 10, a climb not as forgiving as its precursor.

This secret segment is unknown to the outsider. But rather than shooting through Summerbridge on their way to tackle the infamous Greenhow Hill (which comes later), hardcore locals swing right behind the highstreet and straight up onto this hidden hill.

Out the Saddle


My Struggle: First Finisher Tom Denwood

My Struggle: First Finisher Tom Denwood

Stopping the clock at a jaw-dropping 5 hours 40 minutes, this dad of four with a heavy work schedule explains how time-efficient training helped him conquer The Struggle. 

Struggle Dales sportive first finisher Tom Denwood

Bike-Life Balance

My cycling passion comes a clear third after my family (patient wife and four kids) and a very busy work life that has me travelling from Harrogate to London for a few days every week.

I’ve been a keen cyclist since the age of 13 with a brief appearance for Team GB MTBing as a 17 year old. 2016 was a great and varied...