Training Tips: 2023/2024 Winter Cycling Kit List

The age old cycling mantra states: "There's no such thing as bad weather, just bad kit choices". Don't let the winter halt your Struggle 2024 sportive training. Check out our top pick of the best 2023-2024 winter cycling kit.


Castelli Perfetto or Alpha Cycling Jacket for Sportive Training

1. Best Windproof and Water-Repellent Cycling Jacket

If you buy one jacket this winter, the Castelli Perfetto should be it! It’s our go-to garment for winter riding. This winter 2023-2024 there's a host of bright colours in the range for both men and women, to keep you safe and seen!

The Castelli Perfetto keeps you warm - and cool; you can ride up climbs without overheating or down descents without feeling the wind chill; perfect when training for a Struggle sportive. It’s windproof, water-repellent and breathable, making it ideal for drizzly or windy rides over varying terrain. 

Alternately, the Castelli Alpha offers an extra layer of insulation, ideal for colder days or for steady endurance miles. 

Shop Castelli Perfetto & Alpha >>


Le Col Rain Jacket

2. Best Packable Waterproof Cycling Jacket 

A good cycling rain jacket should be fully waterproof, fits sleekly over your additional layers without billowing like a parachute and should roll up and tuck discretely in your jersey pocket. Finally, your jacket should protect you from the rain without leaving you wet from sweat. 

Both the Castelli Idro and Gore Shakedry were ideal garments, but these fabrics have been discontinued. Castelli has replaced the Idro with a range of packable cycling waterproof jackets. For a more affordable option check out the Le Col rain jacket, which (at the time of writing) is on sale. 

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Le Col Pro Bib Tights

3. Most Comfortable Bib Tights 

For long winter riding you need a comfortable, well fitting pair of bib-tights. Unfortunately chamois comfort is very personal, just like saddles, and often finding the right fit for you is trial and error. 

If you're in the market to try a new pair of winter tights we highly recommend the Le Col Pro Bib Tights. They fit well, don't move around or chaff when wet and are very reasonably priced (and on sale at the time of writing). 

Shop Le Col Pro Bib Tights >>

 Spatz Stealth overshoe with Protoez toe warmers

4. Try Spatz Pro Stealth Overshoes System 

A few year's ago Yorkshire cyclist Tom Barras invented Spatz extra-long overshoes that extend above the ankles to protect the shins from road spray. The product took off and pros including Mathieu van der Poel wear Spatz for winter training. 

The latest 2023-2034 design is the Pro Stealth Overshoe System that comes with a Protoez toe warmer. The overshoe can be warn alone or as part of a layering system with the toe covers underneath for extreme cold.

If you're not into the knee-high overshoe look of the Spatz, check out the Spatz "Fasta" style which is also new for winter 2023-2024. It's an adaptation of the shorter Legalz but in a stealthy, sleek design.

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 Lezyne cycling Bike Lights

5. Best Front and Rear Bike Lights

With dark mornings, early evenings and dull days, visibility on the roads is key for cyclists over the winter. We always set our rear light flickering over winter, regardless of the time of day.

For longer Struggle 2024 sportive training days in the saddle its important to have a front light in case any mechanicals or set-backs force you to ride into dusk. 

Our favourite brand for cycling bike lights is Lezyne. They are resilient in wet weather, super-lightweight and can be easily charged via UBS cable or some go straight into an Apple plug.

Shop Lezyne Lights >>

 Spatz Gloves for cycling

6. Best Fitting Cycling Gloves

Too tight and you'll suffer from wind chill; too loose and you'll fumble about getting food out of your pocket. Functional, well-fitting winter gloves are essential, especially when riding at speed.

During early winter we'll wear a lighter pair of gloves such as the Castelli Perfetto Light. For deep winter we'll move to something like the Spatz gloves with a fold-out wind-blocking shell. 

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7. Best Mudguards

Mudguards are a must for winter riding with your mates. Raceblade Mudguards are great for bikes that don’t have clearance for full mudguards or for people who don’t have the luxury of a winter and summer bike.

A top tip is to buy mudguards from your local bike shop and pay for the fitting too. Badly fitted, rubbing mudguards will ruin your winter riding.

For a mudguard to work properly you need a long flap! You can extend yours with an additional mud flap. 

Ask for Raceblade Mudguards at your local bike shop >>


Megmeister Cycling base layer

8. Top Moisture-Wicking Base Layer

One of the most important layers to your winter kit list is the one that sits next to your skin; the base layer. It should be warm but more importantly, is must be moisture-wicking; pulling the sweat away from your skin to keep you feeling warm and dry.

Our top pics include the lightweight Castelli Prosecco, the Spatz Basez for really cold conditions or there's the Megmeister for a second-skin feel.


Start your winter training with Purpose. Enter a Struggle sportive in 2024 and set your goals now. 


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