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Recon: Rosedale Chimney Bank

Hitting the foot of Rosedale Chimney Bank is fearful enough for any cyclist. With 91 miles already in the legs over a shark-jaw profile, Struggle Moors riders will need to summon every ounce of oomph left in order to avoid a steep hike-with-bike. 

In our latest video blog, Struggle's Matt Mannakee shows you what's in store when you reach Rosedale Chimney Bank, the ultimate climb on one of the hardest sportives in Yorkshire and the UK...

Rosedale Chimney Bank

Rosedale Chimney Bank is one of the UK's most feared cycling climbs. Rising steeply from Rosedale Abbey in the Yorkshire Moors, the steep gradient is enough to stop cars in their tracks. Although not a long climb (0.8 miles) it's the 33% sections that cause cyclists to come unclipped.

Ride It on the Sportive 

Struggle Moors has gained cult status from riders and cycling press; pitting it as the hardest 100 mile sportive in the UK. Taking in over 10,000ft on a 112 mile route, it's the ultimate day out for any hardy rider.  

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