Training Tips: Blakey Ridge Cycling Climb

Blakey Ridge is by far one of the Struggle team's favourite climbs. We're excited to be able to incorporate it into this year's Struggle Moors 2024.

The Long Road  

Blakey Ridge can be climbed south from Castleton or North from Hutton-le-Hole, both summiting at the Lion Inn Pub at the top (Veloviewer map above stopping short). On Struggle Moors we're going North, which is an exposed 8 mile ride over the moorland. 

Mind Games  

There's no steep gradient on Blakey Ridge to challenge you. This climb is not to be confused with Blakey Bank, a 2km climb with ramps of 20% up the hillside, to the summit.

Blakey Ridge is a long mental battle rather than physical, with multiple false summits testing your resilience. Keep in control of your pacing on this climb and don't go too hard too early. Top Tip: Only when you see the pub in the distance you can press on to reach the summit. 

If the wind blows on Blakey Ridge this climb becomes much harder than the 4% average gradient makes you believe. Relax your upper body and let a high cadence do the climbing. 

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Your Say? 

Have you ridden Blakey Ridge? Let us know what you think of the climb in the comments section below. 

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