Training Tips: Hebden Bank Cycling Climb Guide

If you've ridden Struggle Dales in previous years you'll remember the extremely fast and fun descent off the summit of Greenhow Hill. Well guess what, you're going up it this year for our Struggle Dales Reverse Edition.


A Climb of Two Halves

The original Struggle Dales route takes riders down an extremely fast and steep descent to Dibbles Bridge. Flipping the route around means Dibbles Bridge is where your Hebden Bank climb will start. 

This climb is a combination of two well-peddled Yorkshire cycling climbs. Strung together in close successions and located in the later stages of Struggle Dales, Hebden Bank becomes a 4km surprise, sprinkled with leg-busting ramps of 12%. 

Hebden Bank Step by Step

Step 1: New Road Climb

Known as New Road Climb on Strava, this first section is extremely straight and steep (10% average) as you pass the entrance to Grimwith reservoir at the half way mark. It's not too long to the summit (0.74 miles). 

Previous National Hill Climb Champion Tom Bell holds the KOM in 3 minute 15 seconds, while local Pro and Struggle Moors Course Record Holder Mary Wilkinson is QOM holder with 4 minutes 33 seconds. 

There's now time to recover thanks to a downhill section. Use it to take a breath and shake out the thighs before the road starts to gradually rise again to the base of the second climb. 


Step 2: Stump Cross Caverns

Next is the climb up to Stump Cross Caverns. Abi Smith (Harrogate local and Pro rider) has flown up here in 1 minute 35 seconds while Tom Bell laid down a time of 1 minute 3 seconds. 

It's only short (0.32 miles at 7% average) but at this point you have 90 miles in the legs. Cramp is only a pedal stroke away at this point. You'll hope it doesn't bite when you get out of the saddle for this steep ramp to the Caverns entrance. 

From here the road keeps climbing all the way to Greenhow Village (the sign marks the top). Nine times out of ten the wind is on your back pushing you up this final ascent. We're crossing our fingers the tailwind is with you on 19th May for Struggle Dales Reverse.  

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Your Say? 

Have you ridden Hebden Bank? Let us know what you think of the climb in the comments section below. 

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