Struggle Dales 2024 Cycling Climb Guide

Struggle Dales 2024 is flipping this iconic Yorkshire sportive route on its head for one year only. With that in mind, we give you an insight into this year's cycling climbs on this 100+ mile challenging parcours. 

Struggle Dales Reverse 2024 Yorkshire Dales Cycling Climbs

Trapping Hill

Trapping Hill gets a generous 7/10 from Simon Warren in his 100 Cycling Climbs of Yorkshire book (Struggle HQ believes it deserves at least 8/10). Trapping Hill has featured in many Pro races on the world stage including when Lizzie Deignan attacked over the top of the hill and rode to victory on her home roads...

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Coverdale is a quiet valley that runs along the River Cover between Nidderdale and Wensleydale. It's extremely popular for road cycling in either direction - so long as you've got the fitness and courage to take on Park Rash... 

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Malham - Hard Side

The original Struggle Dales climb up to Malham Cove has you twisting through the drystone walls with changes in direction and gradient to offer respite and allow you to switch in and out of the saddle. Malham from Arncliffe side (8.2% average) isn't as forgiving...

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Hebden Bank

This climb is a combination of two well-peddled Yorkshire cycling climbs. Strung together in close successions and located in the later stages of Struggle Dales, Hebden Bank becomes a 4km surprise, sprinkled with leg-busting ramps of 12%...

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Hartwith Bank (west)

Hartwith Bank takes riders on a short and steep ascent from the Nidderdale Valley directly up to Brimham Rocks. It's a lung-busting effort 10 miles into the original Struggle Dales route. It's going to be even tougher 95 miles into this year's 2024 Struggle Dales Reverse

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