Training Tips: Rosedale Chimney Bank Cycling Climb

Rosedale Chimney Bank on Struggle Moors is arguably one of the hardest cycling climbs in the UK; it's up there with Hardknott Pass as 10/10 for toughness. 

Steep Start  


There's no sugar coating this climb; Rosedale Chimney Bank is a B*%£h. While it's not even 2km in length, it's over 13% average with the gradient maxing out at over 23%.

Luckily for 2024 riders, Rosedale Chimney Bank now features half way round rather than 90 miles into the previous route, when your legs are spent. What's more, in 2024 we're featuring an Escape Route! Unfortunately it's the 'Long Way Round'. 

Abi Smith Holds the Strava Rosedale Chimney Bank QOM once again with 7:18 while Struggle Moors course record holder Mark Jagger has the KOM with 5:27.

Smile for the Camera  

Rosedale Chimney offers a decent warm-up past the White Horse pub to the cattlegrid. It's here that the green salt bins begin to line this treacherous route in winter and the gradient begins to ramp. 

Next the hairpins, where our photographer will be taking your photo (smile), snaking you through the rugged hillside. Taking the right line is essential for self-preservation ahead of the toughest segment of the climb. 

Exiting the hairpin and the climb takes your straight up the hillside. You're forced to your feet, zigzagging across the tarmac and pulling on the bars for dear life. 

Our top tip for climbing Rosedale Chimney Bank: Firstly, get more gears. Secondly, believe! Finally, dig the deepest you've ever dug!

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Your Say? 

Have you ridden Rosedale Chimney Bank? Let us know what you think of the climb in the comments section below. 

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